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Extraordinary Novize Prize 2009

Francesco Rizzato


I was in Masai Mara national park (Kenya) with my family in order to take photos to wildebeests' crossings of Mara river. We used to get up very early, take the land rover and drive to the crossing points hoping to see huge herds of wildebeests while crossing the river. It was like so for about a week and we didn't manage to see any big herd of animals crossing. Luckily one morning looking on the other side of Mara river from where the wildebeests had to cross, we saw thousands of animals grouping together, so we decided to wait and see what would happen next, but as soon as we stopped the car on the riverside the wildebeests started crossing and we started taking photos. That crossing was the biggest I ever see and lasted all the day, about ten hours. It was very exciting watching how those animals could jump into the river and swim without being worried of the crocodiles that were there. That day I took so many photos that it was hard just to see all of them; I chose this one becouse I thought it can evoke the atmosphere we were in and describe the magnificence of that event.

Canon 30D – Obj. Canon 100-400 (400).

I have been taking photos since I was ten and in the last two years I won several awards including:

- Third author in the nature section at 1° ISF world cup (2008)
- Gold medal at 2° Virtual imaging international Exhibition Foto Club Quilmes 2009 (Argentina)
- Fiap gold medal at 1° salon internacional Fotogrupo 30-40 (Argentina 2009)
- Fiap gold medal at 7° salon Bucovina Mileniul III (Rumania 2009)
- Best young photographer at 10° int. digital imaging competition DVF (Germany 2009)

Francesco Rizzato ((February 2010)

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