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Special Prize Climbing 2007

Jonathan asked me to join his climbing team and I jumped at the chance. This picture is of Jonathan leading up to my high point from the previous day. I was tired from the howling wind and long lead the day before so I stayed on the ground to shoot our team's progress. plus, I wanted to try and line up the moon that I saw the day before. anyways, after 5 days, over three weekends, spanning 11 months we arrived at the summit of the citadel in the Mystery Towers.

I have been shooting professionally for 3.5 years. I've been taking pictures since high school. Other awards include 2005 Banff Mountain Photography Special Mention and 2006 Teva Mountain Games 'Mountain Adventure' winner. I enjoy shooting and participating in all modes of mountain travel and adventure.

Thanks for letting me be apart of your Memorial contest and I'm glad I can share my photo of a beautiful day in the Mystery Towers with the rest of the world.

Andrew Burr, U.S.A.

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