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Winner of the 2005 Edition

In 2003, I sent a number of slides to a competition for the first time; I sent them to MML and I was awarded an honourable mention in the section dedicated to a human vision of mountains.

The second time I took part in MML was this year (2005). On my birthday, I received the satisfying news that I had won this prestigious photographic competition

Although I have been taking photographs for many years, my entrance into the "professional" world of photography came through journalism; although I had prepared occasional works using images, it was not until I began working in my town's newspaper that I was able to make a living from photography.

I have been visiting mountains for almost twenty years and I have practised almost all forms of climbing and skiing, except high-altitude mountaineering. Although most of my present mountaineering activities are related to rock climbing, I occasionally take part in an alpine expedition, although more as a photographer than as a climber.

Throughout 2003, I decided to travel more extensively, climb and see more world. I resigned from my job in the newspaper and came to Europe. Since then, I have been living in Spain and Austria, trying to travel and take photographs as often as possible.

I am presently co-operating with several specialised magazines and with certain equipment manufacturers, although I am still trying to become a full-time mountain, travel and journalist photographer.

I am really very happy to have taken first prize in one of the most important mountain and nature slide competitions in Europe. I believe that photography in general is a powerful weapon. Photography that specialises in mountains and nature can help us to protect nature and condemn any incorrect use and also show that the interaction between man and nature is possible if performed with respect and responsibility. Initiatives such as this competition should be supported and applauded by all who want to make this planet a cleaner and more hospitable place.

In the past I won the 2004 edition of the "desnivel" mountain slide competition and in 2001 I was awarded the first prize in a photo-journalism workshop in the United States.

The slide that has been awarded first prize in this edition was taken in South Africa in a climbing area known as "The Restaurant" located in the centre-eastern part of the country. I used a fixed 85 mm lens and Kodak Ektachrome 100VS film.

Bernardo Giménz Hauscarriague (Argentina)

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