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Winner of the 2001 Edition

"I was born in Padova (Italy) where I live and work as a builder designer. Anyway, my real passion is nature. I started taking nature photos 20 years ago. Occasionally I write articles for Italian nature magazines (Oasis, Terra, Asferico Itinerari e Luogui ,etc) and for some German ones (Naturfoto).

I have won some contests. The most outstanding one was "Photographer of the year 2000" in the BG Wildlife, one of the most famous prizes on nature photography in the world.

When I received the enrolment form of the Memorial Maria Luisa and knew that mountain was its subject, I considered the chance of participating and started selecting some slides to send to the Memorial ML. Since the very first moment a slide caught my eye, and that was the one which became the winning slide of the Memorial ML.

After that, visiting your website , I could see the previous winning slides and the finalists ones and I could not imagine I could win the contest. I thought that the image of a mountaineer doing his best to reach a peak would be much more shocking than a nature slide.

I am convinced that enterprises like Memorial Maria Luisa are very important to make public opinion aware and to give evidence of the importance of our rich and varied environment but ,otherwise, so fragile and threatened.

I took the winning slide during an excursion to the Natural Park of Pannaveggio de San Martino(The Dolomite). The sudden appearance of some sun rays contributed to give a magic touch to the deer stags. The camera was Nikon F90X, the lens Nikkor
300f.4.ID-ED. The tripod Manfretto 055 and the film Fuji Sensia.

I wish the best for the Memorial María Luisa".

Armando Maniciati

Padova, February 2002

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