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Winner of the 1997 Edition

"My first participation in the Memorial Maria Luisa was just by chance. I had never taken part in any kind of contests because I was a bit pessimistic about my luck among so many "virtuosos". I considered it was a funny way of wasting my time. However, my partner and some friends prodded me so much into it that I looked into my collection of slides and sent some nice ones both to the Memorial ML and to the contest of Vizcares. How shocked I was when I heard that I had got a special mention in the Memorial ML as well as being one of the finalists in the contest of Vizcares! The following year I tried my luck again and I won the Memorial María Luisa.

Since 1997 I have been chosen as a finalist and have got several special mentions which have been a real pleasure and stimulus to keep on taking part in the Memorial ML. The first time I sent slides to the Memorial ML I was surprised by its meticulous organization , the careful handling of the slides, the punctuality in returning the slides and the attentive communications informing about the reception of the slides and thanking me for taking part. The contest has been improving year after year putting into practice new ideas, increasing the number of contestants, creating itinerant exhibitions..

If I had to give an adjective to describe it, I would use "alive", which I consider it is not frequent nowadays.

Although I practise most mountain activities, mountaineering and climbing on ice are the ones I practise more often. I have reached many mountain peaks, some high ones like Nanga Parbat (8,125m.), some more modest but through daring tracks like Nez de Zmutt on Cervino( I was awarded Golden Piolet of FEDME 2001) and some others without reaching the top, a lot of ice cascades and tracks of dry tolling in the Canadian Rockies, in the USA and all around Europe. I have audiovisual montages of many of these expeditions which have been shown all around Spain, in France, Canada and Scotland.

I always take my camera with me wherever I go, and, perhaps motivated by the Memorial ML, I have taken part in other contests like The Trout in León and the Bestarruza, where I was awarded the first prizes.

I am a regular collaborator for Desnivel Publishers( books, magazines, etc) especially for Desnivel magazine and its special issues Winter and Equipment. I am a mountaineering consultant for the Spanish edition of National Geographic. I also work for several companies of this sector doing technical translations, revising technical details of their products, catalogues, books, etc.

The winning slide of the Memorial ML -Ice Nine- was taken with a camera Nikon F801s, lens Nikkor AFD 20 mm. f/2.8, film Fuji Velvia used and developed at ISO 50, central/punctual measurement and the camera in manual mode.

I was terribly lucky to win the Memorial Maria Luisa in 1997 with this slide. Plastic ice, a perfect day in the Canadian Rockies and a combined task of securing my climbing mate and taking shots. I focused perfectly my mate, Luis Alonso,and with the central measurement I focused the sky in different points, the rock, even some neutral objects which were scattered around on the ground.

I wanted the exposition to be focused on the cascade and the climber, with only a third of underexposure to give the ice its texture. As the clouds dimmed the light, I didn´t have to care about having a big difference of light between the right and left sides of the photo.

I took several shots with different positions of the climber but with the same rate of diaphragm/speed. Anyway, I tried to know how the photo would come out by letting the camera act partially on its own, I mean, with matricial measurement and a programme in which the aperture took priority (by selecting a very narrow diaphragm). The result was practically the same, although I didn´t the like the pose of the model so much.

Jose Isidro Gordito Girón

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