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Winner of the 1995 Edition

"My participation in the Memorial ML was a daring act, as I had never thought that a photo could cause any emotion, let alone be awarded a prize. Although ,very often, the author is the worst critic.

I first heard of the Memorial ML through the magazine Desnivel and although I did not know much about its origin I considered that it could be a good idea to take part in a contest which melted together my two favourite activities: mountain and photography.

When I was told that my slide had won the Memorial ML I couldn´t believe it. Later,
when I became conscious of the importance of the contest, both for the number of contestants and for their different origins, it was even more difficult to believe.

My current mountain activities are more sporadic than I wished, especially those involving rock climbing, because of an injure.

I took part once or twice in the photographic contest organised by the mountain club I used to belong to and I was able to win some prizes (I was lucky).

Winning slide data:

- Ascending Mont Blanc
- Camara: Minolta X-700
- Film: Fujichrome Sensia 100
- Lens: 50mm f1'8
- Shot: f5´6 exposure, tripod and(….terribly cold !).
- Tons of patience waiting for a mob of ascending climbers to get out of the framed area.

About the Memorial Maria Luisa I must say that the organization is perfect and very effective, both handling the slides and caring for the contestants"..

Madrid, September 3rd 2002

Manuel Alfonso González Fisac

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