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Winner of the 1993 Edition

"I knew about the Memorial Maria Luisa through a magazine specialised in photography. I decided to take part in it just to have a go, as I never thought of being a winner because of its demanding level, I just considered the possibility of getting a second prize or an honourable mention.

I thought that the idea and organization were excellent; the certified letters, the handling of the slides, etc. were astonishingly great. I also want to say that when I attended the Awarding Ceremony in Oviedo the reception I was given was superb.

About my mountain activities I have to say that it is centred on climbing and mountaineering. I have made several expeditions to the Himalayas, the Karakaorum, the Pamir,….(Rakapashi 7,778m.,Dirham 7,200m.,Gauri-Sankar 7,150m.,Lenin 7,135m.,Korshenewskaja 7,105m.,and about a dozen of peaks over 6,000m. high).

I also made a trip ,6 months long, from Kachemita to Bhutan. I went to the Andes several times (Aconcagua in 1985, Bolivia in 1991,etc ) reaching several peaks over 6,000m.high.

I´ve been a teacher at the EEAM( Spanish School of Specialised Mountaineering) since 1983 and at the Basque one since 1982 . I often go climbing in Europe, at present up to a 6c degree of difficulty and up to a 6b in high mountaineering.

As a photographer I´m a contributor to the magazines Desnivel, Pyrenaica, Katzka,…. I have also published photos on the newspapers El Correo, Deia, Gara, etc, and in Yearbooks like the American Alpine Journal(USA) and The Himalayan Journal(India).

I´ve been awarded several local and regional first prizes ,and, this year, the 1st prize of Pyrenaica Mountain Slides Contest.

My winning slide of the Memorial ML was taken during a sinister dawn, in the base-camp 1 on Peak Lenin at the Pamir. After a huge snowfall, the tents didn´t have any other colour but white.The sky was grey and stormy, the atmosphere dramatic, I overexposed the film (Fuji Velvia 50) to give texture, and, with a flash, I gave some brightness and shades. The camera was a Nikon 801s"..

Durango, 26th July 2002.

Jaime Alonso

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