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Winner of the 1992 Edition

"Firstly, I must tell you that my opinion about the Memorial Maria Luisa is excellent. I think it is the best organized contest I know in relation to the information, communication with the contestants, now the website, etc.

I am not sure-as it was 10 years ago- but I think I heard about the Memorial ML through the contests section of Foto magazine, to which I have been a subscriber for a long time. What made me take part in the Memorial was its subject: the mountains -one of my favourite hobbies -and the fact that it was slides what was required ,as they are my favourite way of photographic support.

Being the winner that year was an unexpected and great happiness for me, not only because I am a great fan of photography but also for the prize: 100,000 pesetas of the time! It was the first time I had taken part in the Memorial and since then I keep a very pleasant memory of it. Of course, I have kept on sending slides in the following years.

About my mountain activities I must tell you that I´ve been doing a bit of everything.
However, I´ve been practising mostly classic climbs. Apart from the Pyrenees and a little in Picos de Europa, my "outstanding hits" have been some normal tracks in the Alps: Mont Blanc, Cervino, Gran Paradis, Barre des Ëcrins, Dom, Weissmies, Liskamm, Castor, Punta Gnifetti of Mount Rosa, Diente del Gigante, some other Alpine peaks below 4,000 metres; the ToubkaI in Morocco, and ,a bit further away, the normal track of Aconcagua, in the Argentinian Andes.

Talking about photography I´m just an amateur photographer and from time to time I
Take part in some contests. Apart from the prize in the Memorial María Luisa I won two first prizes in sport photography in the contest of the University of Murcia, two first prizes in the contest organised by the Spanish Ministry of Education,two first prizes in the contest of the Mountain Federation of Murcia, one first prize in the contest organised by the zoo of Valencia and some second and third places in other contests. I must say that the most satisfying and rewarding one, so far, has been the prize of the Memorial Maria Luisa.

I have donesome exhibitions, not big deal; an individual one in Murcia about India and Nepal, another in Casa de Cultura in Estepona (Málaga) and two collective exhibitions in Murcia.

I took the winning slide of the Memorial ML ascending mount Liskamm (4,527 m.) in the Alps, a peak on the border between Italy and Switzerland. I took the slide with my old camera Canon AE-1 and a normal lens of 50mm. I think the film was a Kodak ektachrome. It was one of those pictures centred on the mate climbing ahead of you, facing the sun, and without knowing what will come out of that shot against the light.

But that time I was lucky. The sun is, with a very nice effect, behind the clouds in a natural way as I didn´t use any filter apart from the ultraviolet one which I always have fitted in my lens.

I don´t know if I forget something important but I hope I have been of any help for you. See you at the next edition of the Memorial María Luisa. My regards.

Antonio Jesús Gallardo del Río

Murcia, July 31st 2002.

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