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Winner of the 1990 edition

"Since the very moment I was given the happy news, my personal feelings were the kind of those you call everlasting. I cannot forget the atmosphere which surrounds Memorial Maria Luisa and the happy and warm way I was welcomed there.

I must also remark the high quality of the entering slides, that´s why I think I was lucky to be awarded the first prize in the 1990 edition.

In my opinion the Memorial ML is the best of all the contests I know for its organization, information, meticulousness, evolution, etc.

At the moment my only mountain activity is to climb the nearby mountains and sometimes I pay a visit to the Pyrenees, Picos de Europa and, when on holidays, the Alps. All these trips are always motivated by my main hobby: PHOTOGRAPHY (with capital letters)

The winning slide of the Memorial ML was taken while in the Bubal reservoir on a sad and grey autumn day which blurred the vision of Peña Forata. The colour of a small maple bush caught my eye and, taking a close-up through a degrading filter, I got the lucky snapshot.

My usual camera is a banged and scratched Nikon FM-2, probably older than me, but it has never let me down. My usual lenses are: Nikkor 24 mm, 55 micro .zoom 35-105 or ,occasionally, 70-210.

The film I use is Sensia 100 from Fuji, for its value for money. I never use flash (I can´t stand it) if there is any other alternative. I´m hooked on polarized filters. The degrading ones, when there is not any other option, take you out of unwanted situations.

Cristóbal Burgos Amurrio, June 17th 2002

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Memorial María Luisa
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