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Lastest News:
 23/12/2013.- The jury’s deliberations have already started
Having recorded, codified and classified all the material we have received, the photograph are handed over to the jury in charge of declaring the prizes for the 2013 competition. Experience from former editions makes us know that many long sessions will be necessary before the jury can arrive at a final compromise.
In order to hold sessions under the highest technique guarantees, the NetAsturias classroom has been fitted out properly: such is the place where images are viewed and debates on them are held.
Please watch for your email, and by that means he will practice all notices and requirements.
On February 4th 2014 the verdict will be published. By now we have to wait and wish the best of luck to all contestants, also a very Happy Christmas and a good year 2014.
Kindest regards,


 09/12/2013.- Completed the first phase of the competition

Foto de Marijn Heuts-MML/2012
On day one is over the deadline for submission of photographs to Memorial María Luisa 2013 and with it the first stage of the competition. 12000 photographs, 1038 photographers from 43 different countries competing in the XXIV edition of the event. We thank them all for their outstanding participation, while we wish them luck in front of the end result, which will be announced on February 4 days.

Although still a long way to enjoy photos, all those who want and can book catalog from 24 MML-PHOTO 2013, which contain the most memorable images of the year.

Book Catalog 2013

 02/12/2013.- The deadline to take part in the 24 Photography Maria Luisa Memorial is now closed.

Foto: Denis Palanque / MML-2012
The deadline to take part in the 24 Photography Maria Luisa Memorial is now closed. The jury's decision will be announced on 4th February, 2014.

 25/11/2013.- Last hours. Time is up!!

Foto: Aleksander Myklebust-MML/2012
If you have not uploaded any photos to 24 MML-PHOTO 2013, you are still on time to do it. But don’t neglect it. The term is coming to an end, as it ends 1st of December.

Enter the constest Web , upload your photos and finish up your participation. We recommend you not to leave it to the last minute and avoid system saturation problems.


RULES 2013

 12/11/2013.- LAST DAYS !!!

Foto: Lorenz Holder/MML-2012
As you might already know from our previous communications, the period for the presentation of photographies in order to take part in the 24 competition 2013 of our mountain and nature photograph competition will expire on December 1th.

Many photographers from all over the world have already sent us their photos in order to be able to take part in our competition. If you haven't done so yet, you are still in time to opt for any of the prizes we shall be handing out this year.

We highlight the following:

Dead line until 1st December 2013.
Theme: Mountain and Nature.
10 different categories.
5 pictures in each category.
Absolute prize: 3,000 euros, and a trophy.
Awards categories: 300 euros, trophies, and gifts.
Possibility of maintaining the 2013 catalog from the Web.

Nevertheless, you may obtain information on prizes, competition rules: At


RULES 2013

 23/10/2013.- Registration opened. You can upload photos to the contest

Valter Bernardeschi/MML-2012
The period within upload photos to the contest has been opened on the first day of September and remains open. The 2013 edition consists of ten different subject categories, with individual awards, including the special one dedicated to photographs with water.. These are the categories in which it is possible to participate:

A/ Mountain Landscape.
B/ Alpinism and winter mountain
C/ Mountain climbing.
D/ Man in the Mountain.
E/ Animal World.
F/ Vegetal World.
G/ Biodiversity.
H/ Nature landscapes.
I/ Creative and abstract photography.
J/ Water in nature. .

Upload your photos for the contest and do not wait until the last moment..

Good luck and good lights.


RULES 2013

 01/09/2013.- 24 MML-PHOTO 2013

Alexandre Deschaumes-MML/2012


Once again greetings one year on from the MML to all photographers of mountain and nature, while at the same time welcoming the 2013 competition, its XXIV edition, and inviting you all to participate.

Year after year photographers from all over the world take part in this contest, having done it already from 73 different countries. With the passing of the years has become a meeting place not only for widely recognized international photographers, but also for undiscovered talent and new photographers, revolving as it does around twin axes which are at the same time very different, as are the mountain and nature. Such characteristics make this competition a unique contest.

The special theme category this year will feature the water and everything about it. This will be our way of contributing to the commemoration of 2013 as the International Year of Water Cooperation.

Every spring the prizewinners, other contestants and fans in general make a date with the towns of Infiesto and Oviedo (Principality of Asturias) in order to celebrate the traditional prize-giving ceremony and inauguration of the exhibition. After the festival the exhibition, with high quality copies, begins its annual itinerary, to date having been shown in over 100 different locations and admired by thousands of spectators.

With the rules, instructions and advice provided you will easily be able to prepare your photographs to compete in a contest whose only purpose has always been, and continues to be, the promotion of those values inherent in the mountain and nature, and the publicizing of the artistic work of the photographers who each year take part.

One more year, good luck to everyone and good light.


   RULES 2013


Foto: Anna Vadász-MML/2012
The 24th edition of the competition will begin on September 1st. Prepare your best photos now.

The 23rd Memorial Maria Luisa Photography Exhibition is already history. A story with happy ending, as the two main goals set at the beginning were succesfully achieved: to fascinate and captivate the audience and to promote the work of all the participating artists. This succes is tangible in the 15.000 visits to Revillagigedo and all the comments made by the photographers.

Next year’s edition will start the first of September, 2013.

El Centro Cultural Cajastur Palacio de Revillagigedo (Gijón-Asturias) ofrecerá una visita guiada, pública y gratuita de la exposición fotográfica del Memorial María Luisa, será el próximo sábado día quince de junio, a las doce horas. Un recorrido por la totalidad de la salas del palacio de la mano del fotógrafo alicantino Cristóbal Serrano, último vencedor del Memorial María Luisa, y en la actualidad uno de los fotógrafos de naturaleza más premiados internacionalmente, en el que se podrá apreciar no solo la fantástica obra que se muestra, sino también los secretos y la técnica que hay detrás de muchas de esas fotografías, gracias a la explicaciones que el propio autor realizará durante la visita.

Será esta una magnífica oportunidad para visitar la exposición y disfrutar de las fotografías y del entorno.


The Cultural Center Cajastur, at Revillagigedo Palace in Gijon-Asturias, hosts the photo exhibition of 23rd Maria Luisa Memorial, until June 30th. Both the works shown as the showcasing environment, well justify a visit to the 170 photographs distributed along the 11 rooms of the Palace. Those who cannot enjoy it live may have an approach to it through this virtual tour through 4 of its rooms.


 10/03/2013.- Termina el 23 Memorial Maria Luisa de fotografía
Un año más el Memorial María Luisa se vistió ayer de gala para cerrar con broche de oro su XXIII edición.

Cientos de personas abarrotaron el recinto de la colegiata barroca de San Juan Bautista en Gijón desde momentos antes del inicio de la ceremonia de entrega de premios. Y es que el público siempre ha sido el gran protagonista que año tras año, con su presencia, demuestra el enorme apoyo de los aficionados al mundo de la montaña y la naturaleza a la actividad llevada a cabo por el Memorial, al que este año han concurrido 9.000 fotografías procedentes de 44 países.

Al ritmo de las gaitas asturianas fueron llegando al escenario los fotógrafos premiados asistentes, donde minutos despues se les entegaron su galadones al mismo tiempo que hacian uso de la palabra.

Otro de los protagonista de la tarde ha sido, sin duda, el vencedor absoluto de esta edición, Cristóbal Serrano, que no quiso dejar pasar la oportunidad de compartir su pasión por la fotografía con todos los asistentes. Exhibiendo su audiovisual “El arte de la Creación”, en el que mostró lo mejor de su obra hasta el momento, y que incrementó el interés y la atención del público que ya había despertado la clase magistral impartida previamente en la que centró su exposición en el proceso de creación de la foto ganadora del concurso, Red Passion.

Con la mente aún transportada el mundo onírico de las imágenes de Cristóbal Serrano, la entrega de los galardones fue seguida de la proyección de un audiovisual que llevó al público a todos los puntos cardinales a través de las 120 mejores imágenes que concurrieron a la edición que ahora concluye

Fue, en resumen, una tarde muy especial para todos. A ello contribuía el increíble marco de la colegiata y el poder deambular por el adyacente Palacio barroco de Revillagigedo, hoy convertido en Centro Cultural Cajstur, contemplando la historia del concurso en las obras de gran formato de la exposición “La Naturaleza prodigiosa, la fuerza de un instante”.

La XXIII edición del Memorial baja ahora el telón, no sin antes agradecer a todos el apoyo año tras año venimos recibiendo. De las autoridades, que en estos tiempos difíciles, siguen apostando por el proyecto. De los patrocinadores y entidades colaboradoras, de forma muy espeical a Cajastur, sin cuyo aval todo sería, cuando menos, muchísimo más difícil. De los fotógrafos, que generosamente envían cada año los mejores frutos de su creatividad. Y sobre todo de ti, seas público, autoridad, fotógrafo, aficionado a la montaña o defensor de los valores que el Memorial representa. Esperamos contar con todos en la XXIV edición que mañana comienza y que se hará pública el próximo día 1 de septiembre.

 06/03/2013.- Todo listo para la inauguración de la exposición y la entrega de premios del 23 Memorial Maria Luisa.
El Centro Cultural Cajastur Palacio de Revillagigedo ya viste sus mejores galas al objeto de albergar la inauguración de la exposición del 23 Memorial María Luisa de fotografía, que tendrá lugar el próximo viernes día 8, desde las 19 horas, con intervención de muchos de los premiados, exposición que podrá ser disfrutada hasta el día 30 de junio.

En el mismo Centro Cultural tendrá lugar al día siguiente, sábado 9, a las 18,30 horas, la entrega de premios a los fotógrafos galardonados en la última edición del concurso, seguido de la clase magistral del vencedor absoluto de la edición, Cristóbal Serrano, y de la proyección de los audiovisuales. La entrada es libre y gratuita. No te lo pierdas!!!

 04/03/2013.- Awards ceremoy 23 MML-PHOTO
The awards ceremony for the 23rd edition of our photo contest Memorial Maria Luisa will be held in the Centro Cultural CAJASTUR - Palace of Revillagigedo in Gijon - Asturias-Spain, on Saturday 9th March, at 6:30 pm. In the course of this ceremony, the catalogue MML-PHOTO 2012 will be presented to all the attendance.
At the same time, in the mentioned Palace, the photo exhibition will be opened, with large format works. It will remain open to visitors until the end of June.
Like in other editions we will be delighted with your presence at the ceremony.
Thank you very much and best regards.

 19/02/2013.- «Red Passion» decorates the streets of the Principality of Asturias
«Red Passion» decorates the streets of the Principality of Asturias, while announcing the photographic event of the year: The 23 Memorial María Luisa Photography, to be held in the Revillagigedo Palace of Gijon, on 8 and 9 March. On Friday at 19 pm will open the photo exhibition, and 18.30 hours on Saturday will be the awards ceremony and audiovisual presentation. You are welcome, admission is free.

The prize-winners for the World Mountains and Nature Photography Competition held annually in the Piloña town of Infiesto, Asturias are now known. On February 1st, the date set in the competition rules to that effect, the jury set with the task of judging the twenty-third edition of the competition made public their decision, those which were technically the boldest and visually the most impressive, obtaining a set of one hundred and twenty truly memorable photographs.

Twelve major prizes and nine highly commended mentions were selected for each of the twelve categories of which this time had the contest. A special mention was also given.

From among them all stands out the work entitled "Red passion" by Cristobal Serrano, from Alicante, winner of the Creative Photo-Abstract category in 2012 and in addition honoured with the absolute prize, the Golden Asturcon for Photography 2012, also the winner in the Underwater World category. Singular recognition, through a special mention of the jury, has reached the German photographer Lorenz Holder, in relation to all mountain action photographs submitted for the contest, also having won the award in the category Man in the Mountain.

The remaining winners are: in the category Mountain Landscape, Alister Benn; in Mountaineering, Rainer Eder; in Mountain Climbing Andrew Burr; in Animal World, Valter Bernardeschi; in Vegetal World Joanna Antosik; in Biodiversity category Francisco Mingorance Gutierrez; in Nature Lanscapes, Rafael Rojas Fuentes; and in Photo top-down perspective José Luis Rodríguez Sánchez. The prize for new competitors (under 20 years old) goes to Rubén García González.

It is now possible to take a look at this highly particular collection of photographs through the Web and on Facebook. Although the true moment to enjoy them will be in the audiovisual presentation which the organizers will show during the prize-giving which will take place in Asturias on March 9th at 18:30 pm, at Palacio de Revillagigedo in Gijón; entrance is open to all and it is free.

Winners and highly commended mentions

Photo Gallery


Foto: Juan Sisto Menéndez/MML-2010
El Jurado encargado de valorar la 23 edición del Memorial Maria Luisa ha terminado su trabajo. La labor no ha sido sencilla. Muchas energías se han consumido en el camino. Ahora a sus miembros les toca descansar y a los concursantes esperar por su decisión, la cual se hará pública en la fecha establecida, el próximo día primero de febrero.


Foto: José Luis González (MML-2010)
The Contest, on proposal of the Jury and of the Technical Directorate of it, has agreed to create, in an extraordinary way, a new thematic category, in order that the great number of photographs received concerning Marine Environmental compete, like the rest, between similar images thematically. It will be the 11th category of the current edition. It shall have identical prizes and shall be named Underwater World.

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