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ITINERANCIA: DESNIVEL Gallery, Madrid, December 2.001 and January 2.002

"At Desnivel, we have known the Memorial since the very beginning and we have worked with Grandes Espacios, the official magazine, in the last few editions, so the exhibition was something we had pending as we had published the winning photographs in the magazine. We got started and the organization helped us. The Memorial exhibition reached Madrid and we placed it in the Desnivel Bookshop in December 2002. What better setting than the Desnivel Bookshop could there be for an exhibition of mountain photographs? Decorated as a great mountain refuge, it was the ideal place for the exhibition.

It took a laborious job of coordination and adaptation of the space, as there were many good photographs and our wall-space is a bit limited. But once it was accomplished, we can say that it was a great success during the two months it was on show. Every day people came in asking about the exhibition, and those who did not know of its existence were marvelled by the quality of what they saw. In short, and thanks to the organization from Infiesto, which was perfect, to have the Memorial on show was a great achievement for the Library and for the image of Desnivel as a whole. And we are sure that to see the photographs in Madrid was a treat for all those from our Community who over the years have participated in the Memorial. On our behalf, thank you, and keep up this excellent work!".

Marina Roch - Ediciones Desnivel

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