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ITINERANCIA: The Cangas de Onis Culture House, May 2.000.

Fifty photographs were shown in several culture centres in the Principality of Asturias. From East to West, more than 25 exhibition halls bore witness to this marvellous photographic collection, with over 50,000 visitors.

Once again, Cajastur wanted to offer the opportunity of getting to know what nature offers us, on this occasion reflected in photographs, which allow us to keep an image of a specific moment.

"Frequently, one comes across mountaineers that carry a camera in their rucksack, people who love nature because they like walking, collecting summits or climbing apparently impregnable walls. But sometimes, one encounters a person who ascends to the summits with another intention -to photograph what they encounter so that others can enjoy it". (José Luis V.)

We have enjoyed that mountain, that landscape, that valley which doubtlessly will take us to a real photographic paradise. Only with high spirits can we overcome difficulties; this is my summary of the greatness of those who love what they see, even if they do so through a camera.

Víctor Estébanez - Obra Social y Cultural Caja de Asturias

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