Mountain, Nature and Adventure
Photo and Video Contest
Lastest News: Registrations are open! It is possible to upload photos and videos to the contest until 1st December, 2022.
Competition 32-MML
Marco Gaiotti
32-MML Winner
Marco Gaiotti
Luca Lorenz Young Photo 32-MML
Luca Lorenz
Blake Randall Mountain Landscape 32-MML
Blake Randall
José Manuel Pérez Pérez Alpinism 32-MML
José Manuel Pérez Pérez
Piotr Deska Mountain Climbing 32-MML
Piotr Deska
Colin Wiseman Adventure & Extreme Sports 32-MML
Colin Wiseman
Alexandre Hec Man in the Mountain / Nature 32-MML
Alexandre Hec
Matt Engelmann Animal World 32-MML
Matt Engelmann
Roberto Marchegiani The World of Birds 32-MML
Roberto Marchegiani
Agorastos Papatsanis Vegetal World 32-MML
Agorastos Papatsanis
Susan Meldonian Sumerged World 32-MML
Susan Meldonian
Eduardo Marcos Quevedo Natural Landscape 32-MML
Eduardo Marcos Quevedo
Tom Shlesinger Creative Photo 32-MML
Tom Shlesinger
Uwe Hasubek Macro Photo 32-MML
Uwe Hasubek
Juan de Tury Topic of the year: Travel and people photo
Juan de Tury
Simon Messner Film Winner: Traditional Alpinism
Simon Messner
  Competition 31-MML
Daisy Gilardini Creative Photo &
31-MML Winner
Daisy Gilardini
Lasse Kurkela Young Photo 31-MML
Lasse Kurkela
Paolo Giudici Mountain Landscape 31-MML
Paolo Giudici
Dumas Mathis Alpinism 31-MML
Luis Manuel Vilariño
Marcin Ciepielewski Mountain Climbing 31-MML
Marcin Ciepielewski
Noah Wetzel Adventure & Extreme Sports 31-MML
Noah Wetzel
Rolf Gemperle Man in the Mountain / Nature 31-MML
Rolf Gemperle
Amit Eshel Animal World 31-MML
Amit Eshel
Thomas Vijayan The world of Birds 31-MML
Thomas Vijayan
Marco Gaiotti Vegetal World 31-MML
Marco Gaiotti
Fabrice Guerin Sumerged World 31-MML
Fabrice Guerin
Andrew Peacock Biodiversity 31-MML
Andrew Peacock
Gheorghe Popa Natural Landscape 31-MML
Gheorghe Popa
Jaime Culebras Macro Photo 31-MML
Jaime Culebras
Gabriela Staebler Topic of the year: Black & White Photo
Gabriela Staebler
Morgan Le Faucheur Winner Film: Water Get No Enemy
Morgan Le Faucheur
  Competition 30-MML
Thomas Vijayan Animal World &
Winner 30-MML
Thomas Vijayan
Riccardo Marchegiani Young Photo30-MML
Riccardo Marchegiani
Armand Sarlangue Mountain Landscape 30-MML
Armand Sarlangue
Dumas Mathis Alpinism 30-MML
Dumas Mathis
Marc Daviet Mountain Climbing 30-MML
Marc Daviet
Jose Angel Izquierdo Cano Adventure & Extreme Sports 30-MML
Jose Angel Izquierdo Cano
Greg Lecoeur Man in the Mountain / Nature 30-MML
Greg Lecoeur
David Salvatori The world of Birds 30-MML
David Salvatori
Callie Chee Vegetal World 30-MML
Callie Chee
Greg Lecoeur Sumerged World 30-MML
Greg Lecoeur
Artur Stankiewicz Biodiversity 30-MML
Artur Stankiewicz
Natural Landscape 30-MML
Esa Ringbom
Norbert Kovacks Creative Photo 30-MML
Norbert Kovacks
Mofeed Abu Shalwa Macro Photo 30-MML
Mofeed Abu Shalwa
Luis Manuel Vilariño Topic of the year: Photography using drones, with aerial and zenithal perspective
Luis Manuel Vilariño
Johannes Olszewski Winner Film: Johannes Olszewski
Johannes Olszewski
  Competition 29-MML
Cristóbal Serrano Animal World &
Winner 29-MML
Cristobal Serrano
Lasse Kukela Young Photo 29-MML
Lasse Kukela
Fei Shi Mountain Landscape 29-MML
Fei Shi
José Allende Marcos Alpinism 29-MML
José Allende Marcos
Kamil Sustiak Mountain Climbing 29-MML
Kamil Sustiak
Greg Lecoeur Adventure & Extreme Sports 29-MML
Greg Lecoeur
Ralf Gantzhorn Man in the Mountain / Nature 29-MML
Ralf Gantzhorn
Cristian Rota The world of Birds 29-MML
Cristian Rota
Fran Rubia Vegetal World 29-MML
Fran Rubia
Scott Portelli Sumerged World 29-MML
Scott Portelli
Ignacio Medem Biodiversity 29-MML
Ignacio Medem
Wojciech Kruczynski Natural Landscape 29-MML
Wojciech Kruczynski
Matt Engelmann Creative Photo 29-MML
Matt Engelmann
Javier Aznar González de Rueda Macro Photo 29-MML
Javier Aznar González de Rueda
Marco Ronconi Topic of the year: National Parks
Winner Nature

Marco Ronconi
Jerome Tanon Winner Film: Jerome Tanon
Jerome Tanon
  Competition 28-MML
Sebastian Wahlhuetter Alpinism & Winner Montain/Adventure 28-MML
Sebastian Wahlhuetter
Marco Gaiotti Topic of the Year: The Artic, Antartic and all other regions of th planet
Winner Nature

Marco Gaiotti
Marc Albiac Young Photo 28-MML
Marc Albiac
Fortunato Gatto Mountain Landscape 28-MML
Fortunato Gatto
Simon Carter Mountain Climbing 28-MML
Simon Carter
Michael Clark Adventure & Extreme Sports 28-MML
Michael Clark
> Paolo Ravasi Man in the Mountain / Nature 28-MML
Paolo Ravasi
Eric P Isselée Animal World 28-MML
Eric P Isselée
Georg Popp The world of Birds 28-MML
Georg Popp
Csaba Daróczi Vegetal World 28-MML
Csaba Daróczi
Greg Lecoeur Sumerged World 28-MML
Greg Lecoeur
Marco Gaiotti Biodiversity 28-MML
Marco Gaiotti
Warren Keelan Natural Landscape 28-MML
Warren Keelan
Mario Cea Creative Photo 28-MML
Mario Cea Sánchez
Andres Miguel Dominguez Romero Macro Photo 28-MML
Andres Miguel Dominguez Romero
Competition 2016
José Luis Roldán Creative Photo &
Winner 2016
José Luis Roldán
Carlos Pérez Naval Young Photo 2016
Carlos Pérez Naval
Cheyne Walls Mountain Landscape 2016
Cheyne Walls
Christoh Jorda Alpinism 2016
Christoh Jorda
Erir Courcier Mountain Climbing 2016
Eric Courcier
Sebastian Wahlhuetter Adventure 2016
Sebastian Wahlhuetter
Werner Van Steen Man in the Mountain / Nature 2016
Werner Van Steen
Arnfinn Johansen Animal World 2016
Arnfinn Johansen
Bence Mate Birds World 2016
Bence Mate
Roberto Marchegiani Plant World 2016
Roberto Marchegiani
Greg Lecoeur Submerged World 2016
Greg Lecoeur
Juan Carlos Muñoz Biodiversity 2016
Juan Carlos Muñoz
Luis Manuel Vilariño Natural Landscape 2016
Luis Manuel Vilariño
Cristóbal Serrano Macro Photo 2016
Cristóbal Serrano
Andre Gilden Topic of the Year: Cold Regions
Andre Gilden
  Competition 2015
Markus Berger Alpinism & Winner 2015
Markus Berger
Lasse Kurkela Young Photo 2015
Lasse Kurkela
Samuel Bittón Special Award
Samuel Bitton
Marcio Cabral Mountain Landscape 2015
Marcio Cabral
Paul Bride Mountain Climbing 2015
Paul Bride
Rainer Eder Adventure 2015
Rainer Eder
Céline Jentzsch Man in the Mountain / Nature 2015
Céline Jentzsch
Cristóbal Serrano Animal World 2015
Cristóbal Serrano
Francisco Mingorance Plant World 2015
Francisco Mingorance
Christian Vizl Submerged World 2015
Christian Vizl
Marco Gaiotti Biodiversity 2015
Marco Gaiotti
Luis Manuel Vilariño Natural Landscape 2015
Luis Manuel Vilariño
Dag Rottereng Creative Photo 2015
Dag Rottereng
Cristóbal Serrano Macro Photo 2015
Cristóbal Serrano
Alejandro Prieto Topic of the Year: The Mountain and Nature dressed in White
Alejandro Prieto
  Competition 2014
Klaus Fengler Mountain Climbing &
Winner Mountain Adventure 2014
Klaus Fengler
Gian Luigi Fornari Biodiversity & Winner Nature 2014
Gian Luigi Fornari
Matusz Piesiak Young Photo 2014
Matusz Piesiak
Thomas Crauwels Mountain Landscape 2014
Thomas Crauwels
Christian Pondella Alpinism 2014
Christian Pondella
Franco Banfi Adventure & Extrem Sports 2014
Franco Banfi
David Kaszlikowski Man in the Mountain 2014
David Kaszlikowski
Marco Gaiotti Animal World 2014
Marco Gaiotti
Uge Fuertes Vegetal World 2014
Uge Fuertes
Andrey Narchuk Submerged World 2014
Andrey Narchuk
Timo Lieber Natural Landscapes 2014
Timo Lieber
José Luis Rodriguez Creative Photo 2014
José Luis Rodríguez Sánchez
Philippe Lebeaux Macro Photo 2014
Philippe Lebeaux
  Competition 2013
Fredrik Schenholm Mountaineering & Winner 2013
Fredrik Schenholm
Flóra Jakab Young Photo 2013
Flóra Jakab
Samuel Bitton Mountain Landscape 2013
Samuel Bitton
Fredrik Schenholm Climbing 2013
Fredrik Schenholm
Krystle Wright Man in the Mountain 2013
Krystle Wright
Mario Cea Animal World 2013
Mario Céa Sánchez
Atif Saeed Vegetal World 2013
Atif Saeed
Bence Máté Biodiversity 2013
Bence Máté
Jeff Mitchum Natural Landscapes 2013
Jeff Mitchum
Ingrid Vekemans Creative Photo 2013
Ingrid Vekemans
Viktor Lyagushkin Water as a container
of life 2013

Viktor Lyagushkin
Simone Sbaraglia Animal World Portrait 2013
Simone Sbaraglia
  Competition 2012
Cristóbal Serrano Mountain and Nature in Abstract & Winner 2012
Cristóbal Serrano
Rubén García González Young Photo 2012
Rubén García González
Alister Benn Mountain Landscape 2012
Alister Benn
Rainer Eder Mountaineering 2012
Rainer Eder
Andrew Burr Climbing 2012
Andrew Burr
Lorenz Holder Man in the Mountain 2012
Lorenz Holder
Valter Bernardeschi Animal World 2012
Valter Bernardeschi
Joanna Antosik Vegetal World 2012
Joanna Antosik
Francisco Mingorance Biodiversity 2012
Francisco Mingorance
Rafael Rojas Natural Landscapes 2012
Rafael Rojas
José Luis Rodriguez Photo Top-Down Perspective 2012
José Luis Rodríguez
  Competition 2011
Francisco Mingorance Plant World - Biodiversity - Natural Landscapes 2011
Francisco Mingorance
Schaul Marton Young Photo 2011
Schaul Marton
Christian Klepp Mountain Landscape 2011
Christian Klepp
Klaus Fengler Mountaineering - Climbing 2011
Klaus Fengler
Samuel Bitton Man in the Mountain 2011
Samuel Bitton
Cristóbal Serrano Animal World 2011
Cristóbal Serrano
Manuel Subirats Abstract 2011
Manuel Subirats
Vittorio Ricci The Forest and its Ecosystem 2011
Vittorio Ricci
    Competition 2010
Bence Máté 2010

Bence Máté
Csaba Gönye Extraordinary Novice
Prize 2010

Csaba Gönye
Francisco Mingorance Mountain Landscape 2010
Francisco Mingorance
Jean-Francois Hagenmuller Mountaineering 2010
Jean-Francois Hagenmuller
  Climbing 2010
Fred Moix Moix
Oriol Alamay People and Mountain 2010
Oriol Alamany
Pierluigi Rizzato Animal World 2010
Pierluigi Rizzato
Jose Luis González Vegetal World 2010
José Luis González
Rafael Rojas Natural Landscapes 2010
Rafael Rojas
  Mountain and Nature in the abstract 2010
Marijn Heuts
    Competition 2009
Andrew Burr 2009
Andrew Burr
Juan Carlos Muñoz Special Prize Nature in Movement 2009
Juan Carlos Muñoz Robredo
David Munilla Special Prize
Rock Climbing 2009

David Munilla Fauro
Cristóbal Serrano Prize Nature 2009
Cristóbal Serrano
Franceso Rizzato Extraordinary Novice
Prize 2009

Francesco Rizzato
    Competition 2008
Anxo Rial Comesaña 2008
Anxo Rial Comesaña
Michal Budzynski Extraordinary Novice
Prize 2008

Michal Budzynski
Maria Torres Special Prize
Climbing 2008

María Torres
Sergey Melnikoff Special Prize Earth Planet
Sergey Melnikoff
    Competition 2007
Javier Sánchez Martinez 2007
Javier Sánchez Martínez
Jerzy Grzesiak Extraordinary Novice
Prize 2007

Jerzy Grzesiak
Andrew Burr Special Prize
Climbing 2007

Andrew Burr
Fons Van den Heuvel International Polar Year
Fons Van den Heuvel
    Competition 2006
Cesare Mangiagalli 2006
Cesare Mangiagalli  
Gotzon Arribas Special Prize Climbing 2006
Gotzon Arribas
Francesco Rizzato Extraordinary Novice
Prize 2006

Francesco Rizzato
    Competition 2005
Bernardo Gimenez 2005
Bernardo Giménez Hauscarriague
Igor Koller Special Prize Climbing 2005
Igor Koller
    Competition 2004
Luidger Weyers 2004
Luidger Weyers
François Laurens Special Prize Climbing 2004
François Laurens
    Competition 2003
Enirque de la Montaña 2003
Enrique de la Montaña Andres
Joseba Arrizabalaga Climbing 2003
Joseba Arrizabalaga Pérez
    Competition 2002
Ramon Döer
Cornelia Döer
Ramon & Cornelia Döer
Philippe Henry Special Prize
AIM 2002

Philippe Henry
    Competitions 1990 to 2001
Armando Maniciati 2001
Armando Maniciati
David Céspedes Barroso 2000
David Céspedes Barroso
Eduardo Velasco de la Torre 1999
Eduardo Velasco de la Torre
Antonio Real Hurtado 1998
Antonio Real Hurtado
José Isidro Gordito Girón 1997
José Isidro Gordito Girón
Aleksander Kufar 1996
Aleksander Kufar
Manuel Alfonso González Fisac 1995
Manuel Alfonso González Fisac
Eduardo Velasco de la Torre 1994
Eduardo Velasco de la Torre
Jaime Alonso 1993
Jaime Alonso
Antonio Jesús Gallardo del Río 1992
Antonio Jesús Gallardo del Río
Manuel Marentes 1991
Manuel Marentes Muñiz
Cristobal Carlos Burgos Morillo 1990
Cristobal Carlos Burgos Morillo
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