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Lastest News: The 31th edition of the Maria Luisa Photo Memorial will begin on 1st September.
 02/03/2020.- Awards of the 30th Maria Luisa Memorial of Photography and Video
The jury, after evaluating the 15,000 photographs which were submitted to the contest by 1,306 registered photographers from 76 countries, has been reviewing those photographs that proved to be the technically most valuable and the most visually striking, resulting in a set of really memorable images.

Fifteen major awards and nine honorable mentions for each of the fifteen categories that have made the contest. Among them, the photograph Peek a boo by Thomas Viayan has been highlighted:-itwas declared winner in the Animal World category and also has been awarded with the absolute prize of this edition, Liberbank Grand Prize. Among young photographers, under twenty years of age, the prize went to Riccardo Marchegiani.

The remaining winners are: in the category Mountain Landscape, Armand Sarlangue (France); Mountain climbing, Mathis Dumas (France); Climbing;Marc Daviet (France); in Adventure and Extreme, José Angel Izquierdo (España); in the Mountain-Nature Man category, Greg Lecoeur (France); in The world of birds,David Salvatori (Italy); in Vegetal World, Callie Chee (Australia); in Submerged World, Greg Lecoeur (France); in Biodiversity, Artur Stankiewicz (Kuwait); in Nature Landscapes, Esa Ringbon (Finland); Creative Photo, Norbert Kovacks (Hungary) in the World of the tinniest. Macro Photo, Mofeed Abu Shalwa (Arabia Saudí). The theme of the year: drone and aerial photography, Luis Manuel Vilariño (Spain) was declared the winner.

As for the videos and films, twenty sevenwere selected for the official section, awarding seven prizes and six honourable mentions; The winner of the Foto Ruano Grand Prize has been the film Buildingbridges by Johannes Olszewski (Germany). They will be screened during the photo-festival to be held in Infiesto on May 6, 7 and 8.

It is now possible to take a look at this highly particular collection of photographs through the Web and on Facebook. Anyway, the best time to enjoy the images will be during the outdoor exhibition and audiovisual organized within the events that will take place to commemorate this edition as well as the ceremony of presenting awards to the winners. These will take place, in Infiesto and Oviedo, on the 8th and 9th of May, at 7:00 p.m. at the Philharmonic Theaterand the Hotel de La Reconquista in Oviedo will host the awards gala one more time. All the winners are asked for organizational reasons to confirm their attendance as soon as possible to this organization.

A portfolio commemorative book has been edited, it contains all the awarded photos of the 30th edition and you can buy it from this Web.

Congratulations to all the winners. See you in Asturias on the 8th and 9th of May.

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