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Lastest News: Registrations are open! It is possible to upload photos and videos to the contest until 1st December, 2022.
FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Memorial MarĂ­a Luisa"?

"Memorial MarĂ­a Luisa" is an annual mountain slide contest. It opens in September. Closing date: 1st December.

Why is it called "MarĂ­a Luisa"?

It remembers our friend MarĂ­a Luisa Alvarez, who died in a mountain accident on 18th November 1990.

Who are the organisers?

Some MarĂ­a Luisa's friends, who are very keen on mountains. They finance the contest.

What do I need to do to enter the contest?

All you need are mountain photos and the wish to participate in an international contest.

How to enter?

You have to send your best five photos to "Memorial MarĂ­a Luisa". You can find the conditions of entry and the entry form on this site. If you want a brochure, give us your address and you will have it free.

Did I submit this slide in a previous "Memorial"?

If you do not remember this point, send us an email with your personal code, which is in the top corner of your post label (right hand corner). We will tell you about this.

What about the prize?

The annual winner receives 3.000 euros and a trophy. There can also be special mention awards.

Competition is hard. There is a high standard. I think it is impossible to win.

Certainly the "Memorial MarĂ­a Luisa" has gained a great reputation .This must not let you down.The jury analyses the quality of the photos,technical difficulty,etc.but they also take into account the originality and other factors.Besides,with your participation you are helping to keep alive a contest whose only aim is the promotion and protection of what we like best: mountains.

I am organising an activity to promote the mountain world and its environment. Could I have the photographic exhibition "Diez años de montaña en imĂ¡genes"?

"Memorial MarĂ­a Luisa" encourages non-profit-making mountain activities. Contact us to explain your project.

Multiple exposure is permitted ?

Multiple exposures will be permitted, as long as they have been registered on the camera in a single primary file. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the use of HDR is permitted and also the technique of static/dynamic exposure, although the jury will consider the need of using such exposure techniques. Panoramic photos are admitted.

Put that title to the photos?

The name of the file with the image and the title of the photograph are different things. You can use any name for the file, even the one you use when working with it because our system will name it automatically with a code by which it will be identified later on. But in case the photograph wins a prize it will be identified in public by the title you gave to the photograph.

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