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      When the exhibition was born in February 2000, it already had a clearly itinerant character and a firm intention of extending to the general public, mountaineers or not, the multiple values borne by the mountains and the environment.

      From that moment on, many groups, associations and entities of all kinds showed interest in the collection, to exhibit it in relation to their own activities. They all received swift and punctual answers from the Memorial, who tried, in every case, to make work easier and to join forces so that the wishes of the applicants could be satisfactorily fulfilled. And we think that was the case on all occasions.

      It is also true, and easily understandable, that if the Exhibition was quite sizeable already from the beginning, it is even more so now, due to the enlargements it undergoes after each edition, especially considering that it is delivered to the applicants perfectly framed, labelled, with mural advertising displays, in reinforced boxes for transport, in short, ready to exhibit.

      Consequently, there are some minimum requirements which must be met by the place of reception, such as the hall, lighting, security, etc. assuring their suitability for the Exhibition. The Memorial is willing to give specific and personalised attention to the nature, economic possibilities, available means, etc. of each of the groups or entities applying so that no one really interested may miss the option to host the Exhibition due to such circumstances.

      Therefore, it is best to contact the Memorial stating the intention or initiative contemplated for the Exhibition; the group, entity or association that wants to set up the Exhibition; place and, especially, the foreseen dates as well as the person and means of contact. The Memorial will then consider the feasibility of the proposal and the particular conditions for its possible development.

      In the contact section on this page you will find all the means of contacting us for applications or suggestions, however, the best way is by e-mail:


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