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Photo and Video Contest
Lastest News: Registrations are open! It is possible to upload photos and videos to the contest until 1st December, 2022.

You may have wondered what happens to your personal details and your photos when they are sent to the Memorial. Our intention is that you have no doubts about sending them to us to take part in the Competition.

The security and privacy of your personal details, in addition to guaranteeing your rights as a photographer, are our highest priority.

    For this reason, the Memorial MarĂ­a Luisa undertakes to:
  • To safeguard in an absolutely confidential and secure manner the details of the participants in our own computer systems and closed environments.
  • The only people with access to this information are the Memorial MarĂ­a Luisa organisers themselves, who are solely responsible for its manipulation (register, recording, mail management, etc.). The organisers will never transfer these tasks to third parties or companies alien to the competition.
  • To not sell nor cede the personal details of the participants to companies.
  • To only require the details that are strictly necessary to communicate with the participants. The Memorial will not ask for any other information which may have commercial, economic or other interest.
  • To facilitate the participants' right to access, cancel or rectify their details. To do so, they must contact any of the addresses shown on this page.
  • To not cede any of the pictures entered into the competition to third parties or companies for any use unrelated to the Memorial's activities. If any of the photographs are included in publications informing of these activities (publicity about new editions, Photographic Exhibition, catalogues, publishing of the decision, monographic reports about the Competition, books-porfolio, etc.) the Memorial MarĂ­a Luisa will have to authorise the publication specifically and in writing. Likewise, the captions will always state the name of the participant as the author of the photograph..

In order to make our site easier to read, the Memorial MarĂ­a Luisa does not include publicity of any kind on the Memorial's web site.

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